Facilitator’s Workshop Value Education Program

Jeevantirth is facilitating the program on “Value Education” in partnership of Naraindas Morbai Budhrani Trust in eight schools for about 1,800 students in Ahmedabad for last five years. NMBT decided to extend this program in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh also in partnership with other like-minded organizations. Three day workshop was held at Jeevantirth, Juna Koba for the facilitators of three states from 3rd May to 5th May 19. We are happy to note that this program will now run in four languages Gujarati, English, Marathi and Hindi! In Gujarat also few more schools will be added. This program will now reach to more than 10,000 students in three states.

There were 18 participants in the training from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. The training was facilitated by Raju & Deepti from Jeevantirth and Tushar Yarmal & Sunil Sudal from NMBT. Raju Deepti explained in detail that teaching or preaching won’t help in inculcating values in life. There are basically four steps to initiate discussion about importance of values in life. First Interest Lead: Introduce the topic by a story, game, song or some interesting participatory activity/process. Then classroom process should be followed in such a way that all take part in discussion, share their real life experiences and decide for themselves, what is the right approach in life about that particular value. Next come reflection and contemplation. This is an important activity as person does this individually and can introspect and understand her/himself about the importance of value in personal life. “Home Work” is checking about the importance of values in daily life by observing and discussing with parents, siblings and friends so that we can understand how & why values need to be followed in a family or a society.

The facilitators of Jeevantirth Mitesh Macwan and Stanly Macwan demonstrated one-one module and then all the participants choose one modules and presented one by one. De-briefing sessions after the presentation make things more clear. All the participants enjoyed the process and expressed their commitment to help students to find their life values.