It has been a custom in Gujarati families to load up on each year’s stock of wheat; families have to be doing well in order to do this as it needs a necessary amount of money. Such is not a case for all the families.

Women working in the slums of Ramapir no Tekro earn their daily wages by picking up rags around the city. Their daily wages buys them daily food. To address this issue and many others Jeevantirth has come up with Self Help Groups where the women speak of their issues and come up with solutions.

Every month each member of the SHGs deposits 200 rupees as savings with Jeevantirth. This money is used by Jeevantirth to obtain good quality wheat which ensures ample food for a year for these families. Purchasing grains in large quantities ensures good quality brand and cheaper rates. This also avoids discrepancies in wheat quality and prices.

On 20th May 2015, 300 sacks of grains were distributed. A mundane activity in most households; stocking up wheat for these ladies signifies more than just that, it ensures them survival, the basis of all existence. People gathered around the Lok Seva Kendra of Jeevantirth gawk at the tons of wheat that gets unloaded. Exuberant smiles and an environment of bonding between the people fills the air with festivity.