Understanding Values with Nature

Understanding Values with Nature

At Jeevantirth, we believe in experiential learning. Our structure for conducting the Value Education Program(VEP) is also experiential. This VEP is a partnership program with Naraindas Morbia Budhrani Trust (NMBT) of Mumbai & has been ongoing since the month of July, 2014 in 6 schools of Ahmedabad & 4 schools of Vadodara. Our Facilitators interact with the children of class 6th, 7th & 8th of each schools. The motive behind these interactions is to expose the children to the basic values of human life.

Many parents & teachers convey that they often teach their children to speak truth, to be kind, to be friendly but at some instances, the children fail to practice. The main cause for this is they are not able to experience such values in real life. Jeevantirth along with NMBT is trying to let them experience the importance of values in their life & also how they can practice them. None of us likes to be cheated, none of us like to be told untruth, to be hated, to be treated rudely, to be dealt selfishly. This is not our nature. Values like kindness, truth, love, compassion etc are the true nature of human beings. How wonderful it would be to learn our true nature from nature itself.

Jeevantirth also conducts nature education camps & visits in partnership with Serenity Library which consists of almost 800 types of plants, trees, herbs etc along with varies species of birds & animals. Today we took the children of class 7th of Sadhu Vasvani School for a half day exposure to the nature at Serenity Library where they were first oriented with learning through senses. They were exposed to more then 10 natural objects to touch & smell  through which they can realize various types of touches & smells. They were also taken for a small walk in the woods making them observe various trees & plants. Complete freedom was give to them for observation. They can climb the tree, touch it, trace it, smell it anything apart from plucking or damaging anything. The children were more then excited. Most of them had never touched a tree in this way. Several did not know that the barks of trees are different as per the type of tree. Some of them dared to climb on it realizing how much fun it could be. After the observation, they were asked to express what they observed in the form of a drawing. The kids enjoyed it.

After this whole process came the actual learning part. The children were asked questions like what does the tree do, what do herbs give, what do small beings like a centipede or a scorpion do & why do they do it? With these questions the children could ponder on the roles of natural beings. The values were also conveyed by conveying the contribution of trees in our lives & the way it does it selflessly.

59 children also vowed to make a nest for the house sparrow in their houses so that a small initiative can be taken to save their diminishing numbers. All the experienced & learned staff of the Serenity Library supported the children & did all that was required to make this trip a memorable & experiential tip. More children of the same school will be taking part tomorrow. See the pictures to get more idea.


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