The month of May is generally cursed by Indians because of the unbearable heat it brings. It is, on the other hand, a time to rejoice for school children; it is the longest stretch of holidays that marks the end of their examinations. The staff at Jeevantirth makes use of this period in preparation for upcoming academic year, they hardly rest for 10 days before beginning their work again.

In order to make the best use of our time with children of Bal Sanskaar Kendras, all the Bal-Mitras congregate during summer holidays to chart out syllabus for 1st to 8th grades. This helps us stay organized as it shows us the rate at which we need to progress with the syllabus so the students may learn all that which is entailed in their academics. The Bal-Mitras have prepared week-wise schedules for this. Five major subjects are included in this planning which are Science, Mathematics, Gujarati, Hindi and English. They have also prepared Training and Learning Material in order to help the children gain practical knowledge of their subjects and understand the topics easily. Various experiments, puzzles, charts, activities using dominos, beads, etc. are used in TLM.

About 15 students have been enrolled in 1st standard through RTE from Ramapir no Tekro. We began their classes from 18th May, 2017, in order to gauge their understanding and prepare them for the approaching school year. They indulge in various activities and enjoy their time spent with us.

A week long program called Prayogotsav is ongoing in our BSKs. Heerabhai Sisodiya from Gujarat Vidhyapith is an expert in conducting experiments for children to understand physics. He makes use of simple things like water bottles, cardboards, balloons, coins, magnets, etc. to impart knowledge about the laws of physics. We have planned a 2-hours session in each of our BSKs for children to take advantage of this opportunity. The experiments hold their attention like a magic show; wide-eyed, they jump at every chance to guess at what would happen next! While older children exercise their logical mind for this purpose, the little ones make use of their imaginative mind. The experiments not only fascinate the children, but also the grownups present there. Understanding of vacuum, air, water, volume expansion and contraction, weight, gravity, center of gravity, oxygen, sound, etc. is imparted through practical experiments. Seeing the efficiency of these experiments we plan to organize a training session for our Baal-Mitras so they may too learn how to conduct them.

Registration of new children being enrolled in BSKs is to be done from 29th to 31st May, 2017. Following which from 1st to 3rd June, 2017, the Baal-Mitras will decorate all the centers to welcome the children to a new academic year which begins on 5th June.

This summer vacation gave us an opportunity to be more productive and creative.