India has to be lauded for its feature of teaching cricket to every other individual. Children improvise on the skimpiest lanes, pausing and waiting for the vehicles to pass by, making them into cricket playgrounds. Owing to this the children of Ramapir no Tekro have not been exempt to sport as they too have made use of their street ways; other than this though, there is hardly any physical activity the children can engage in.

Jeevantirth initiated its Skating Project on 20th April 2015 providing some diversity to the children. The Vocational Training Center has plenty space on its terrace for children to learn skating. Security measures like increasing the fencing height have been taken to ensure carefree learning. Mr. Unnithan, working with Active Amdavad, trains the kids to master the skill. Three days a week, twice each day, the children come to VTC to practice skating. This increases athleticism in children; the kids had an opportunity to display their skating skills during Motif Charity Walk this year.