Sheri Safaai Abhiyan – 2016

//Sheri Safaai Abhiyan – 2016

Sheri Safaai Abhiyan – 2016

Sheri Safaai Abhiyan

Diwali is a time for rejuvenation for all Indians. Homes and businesses are renewed during this period. Businesses are kept shut and reopened on Labh Pancham, an auspicious day to commence business. Children, youth and men are busy helping their mothers, sisters and wives to clean the whole house. It is a ritual that signifies letting go of the piled up past. This year the residents of Ramapir no Tekro took it outside their homes and decided to clean their streets as well. More than one hundred slum dwellers, youth, men, women and children, all wielded brooms on 26th October, 2016. It was an exercise that not only displayed their duty as citizens, but also as householders. For more than an hour they cleaned the narrow streets of Ramapir no Tekro, their home.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Jeevantirth provided help with the activity. This exercise was followed by a rally of these dynamic individuals that went through the narrow streets of Ramapir no Tekro. Placards were exhibited and slogans were sung to spread awareness about cleanliness and its benefits.


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