For last five years under the leadership of our Urban Initiative Coordinator Kamleshbhai Dabhani “School on Wheels” goes in the soaring heat of summer vacation in the remote villages of Vada area of BanasKantha / Patan of North Gujarat. This year also from 3rd May to 12th May 2019, our team visited 12 small and big interior villages namely Vada, Runi, Thara, Jaampur, Kharia, Aakoli, Balospur, kakar, Tana, Dungrasan, Katra, Aablun and “Edutained” the rural children with different activities. Our team of seven volunteer begin their day early morning after tea and brunch to visit the villages. They have special affinity with this area as they themselves belong from this area and most of the slum dwellers of RamaPirNo Tekro and nearby slums also come from this area. In big villages they move from one area to another area to cover maximum children. Sometimes they get warm welcome from the village people who also provide food to the team. About 500 Children took benefit of the program. Activities like Art & Craft, Traditional Games, Science Experiments, Songs & Stories etc. were carried out. Here are some of the glimpses of the program.