Going to a number of villages with a motive to spread education and joy is a ritual we carry out every year. Like last year, this year too, we went to Vada gaam and its nearby villages for a period of one week from 6th May to 12th May, 2017.

Our specially modified vehicle ‘School on Wheels’ is decked with necessary paraphernalia for education on-the-go, it was updated recently. A team of 6 people including 4 teachers and 2 volunteers went to about 10 villages; Thara, Runi, Tana, Dungarasan, etc. to name a few. Here they carried out various activities related to science, arts, crafts and games. They revived old-time games like satoliya, dorda-kud (skipping), dorda khech (tug of war), etc. which the children enjoyed. The trip was coordinated by Kamlesh bhai.