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Sangeet Sandhya

Illiteracy deals a severe blow to the society and also to the nation. It is essential that the more privileged and influential people of the society take part in uprooting such a problem. Awareness about Jeevantirth’s interventions has been spreading slowly, year after year, through which we have established affiliations with organizations and individuals that aid us in our task. For almost 2 decades now, we have been working in education sector to uplift the children of slums of Ahmedabad. These children are victim to the vicious cycle of poverty that their community has been entangled in. The folks here earn their living doing the most low-paying jobs; without education their children are forced into the same lifestyle. Educating the current generation children of the slum community is, literally, making a pivotal shift for them. It definitely improves the children’s way of life and their parents’, but more importantly these families are breaking the aforementioned cycle for generations to come.

10th February, 2016 was a significant day for Jeevantirth; we had planned an event, Sangeet Sandhya, in order to increase the awareness about our undertakings and also to seek monetary help from the people. The fund raising was chiefly for our activities in the education sector. It was an overwhelming sight to see about 650 individuals congregate for this cause; the event took place in the hall of H.K. College of Ahmedabad. The presence of such a large number of people, notably during night hours, reflected their faith in us; they showed us that Jeevantirth is needed.

The donation we received has left us leaden with gratitude; not only did we get sponsored for our activities, our benefactors also unburdened us of the expenses endured in organizing the event. Shyamal Musical Group, the entertainers of the night, performed for about 4 hours! They sang evergreen Bollywood songs from as old as the 60s to the newest happening tunes. The band not only performed free of charge, but also took care of all the staging expenses including the orchestra and the sound system. Our PRO, Mukesh bhai, recalls, “I remember that 4 years back Jeevantirth had to bear the expenses of conducting Children’s Day program. Today all our major upcoming programs, let alone the smaller ones, are backed up by our sponsors. This is the authentication that our efforts are being recognized and appreciated.” One of our patrons provided us with 1000 saplings to encourage Jeevantirth’s intervention in environment sector.

The deputy world chairman of Giant International, Mr. Baldevbhai Patel, who is also the chairman of the Navnirmaan Co-operative Bank, highlighted the event by his presence. We are also thankful to the many media friends who spread prior awareness about the event and also covered it. In order to express our deep gratitude towards those organizations and individuals that consistently help us throughout the year we presented them with ‘Best Supporter’ awards, 12 such awards were given; to name a few organizations: Giant International 3D, Lions Club, Wake up to Dream and Sashvat. Majority of the people present were members of Jeevantirth’s Mitra Mandal, a group that is kept updated about all our activities and each member helps us with a token of 1000 rupees yearly. This group is our ‘followers’ list; the more the people in Mitra Mandal, the more the awareness spreads about our activities. Many more were added to this list through Sangeet Sandhya.

Just like a child eagerly awaiting his/her examination’s results is overjoyed with his/her achievement, Jeevantirth team was elated by the outcome of the event. We have secured education for a number of slum children; moreover, all the major events to be held in the coming year have been provided for by the sponsors. The jam-packed hall of supporters surely shows their motive to upkeep Jeevantirth, but more importantly it shows that there are individuals willing to provide a backing for the well-being of the needy.

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Ruchir Purohit is a head writer at Jeevantirth. He is also the Coordinator of Material Development in the organization. He manages outreach, publication, online and social media wings of Jeevantirth.

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