Rakhi is one of the few Indian festivals that is celebrated across India; it is a call for brothers everywhere to return home to their sisters. It is a day of sweets and thanks giving; siblings call it a truce on this day and brothers offer monetary blessings to their little sisters.

29th August 2015, the day of Rakhi, was not the same for many policemen in Ahmedabad. The Patidar reservation strike had resulted into a city wide curfew, consequently policemen were stationed across the city.

Policemen seating by the lonely road in front of Ramapir no Tekro were taken aback when girls from Jeevantirth, all ready for the festival with the traditional rakhi plates in their hands, approached them. They embellished the wrists of 50 policemen by tying rakhis, shifting the grave curfew environment into a homely festivity. The girls stated that it was an acknowledgement of the work these men put in for the safety of the people. The officers presented the girls with gift money as is the custom. This event helped eradicate the fear that the people have for police.

The senior citizens of Nirant Vrudhdh Mandal were also tied rakhis; an atmosphere of camaraderie prevailed throughout the day.