Quarterly Newsletter – July-September 2016

//Quarterly Newsletter – July-September 2016

Quarterly Newsletter – July-September 2016

This quarter was full of events and festivals. Starting from Ramzan, 15th August, Navratri, Diwali, Teachers’ Day etc. All the stakeholders of Jeevantirth were in festival mood. We are happy to present some of the important highlights and events in this brief newsletter.

Girl-Child Education Program
Special Classes for RTE Students
Our staff makes regular visits to schools for ‘Girl Child Education Program’. During one of these visits the principal of the school expressed her wish to educate the children admitted under Right to Education scheme as they lag far behind the normal students because they are coming from socio-economically backward communities. Jeevantirth took this challenge and now having discussed this proposal with the core team of Jeevantirth we are running special classes for RTE students in 3 schools, namely; Sabarmati Kanya Vidhyalaya, Nutan School and Saurabh School.

Value Education Program
Value Education Program is being executed at Sardarnagar, Saijpur and Kubernagar in eight schools. The average number of students attending VEP in all these schools is 1912.

Case Study
Mahek was a shy student, reluctant to answer questions or make herself known. It was seen that whenever she was asked a question she would come to the facilitator and answer it rather than from her seat. Seeing this behavior we held counseling sessions with her. The reason for her nervousness was that the other students considered her to be an irregular student who wasn’t good at studies. When she met our facilitator personally, she was joyous and smiled and laughed abundantly. She was told about how women are being successful and that she can be too. This helped her open up. Now she is mixing with the other students and she has also shared her desire to participate in school competitions!

Bal Sanskar Kendras
During the months of July, August and September, 2016 the average number of total students in all BSKs was 415. Children have become regular in attending classes. The average number of boys is 195 while that of girls is 220.

Parents Visit and Meetings
Every month Baal Mitras from each center go for parents visit in their respective areas. They go house to house, at least 20 to 30 houses each month. It is observed that 80% of all the parents respond positively to our Baal Mitras. Parents’ meeting is held every three months. It gives us the opportunity to understand the parents’ point of view.

Children of BSKs also participated in Swaschhata Abhiyan in which they were accompanied by the ladies of Self Help Groups and Baal Mitras of Baal Sanskar Kendras.

Nature Education Program
The total number of students that visited Serenity Library and Botanical Garden this quarter is 803. We evaluate the children that visit Serenity as per their age, grade, social background and ability to understand before we begin imparting them with information. Similarly we plan the activities as per the children’s’ background which makes it easier for them to grasp the information. Thereafter we begin Nature Education Camp. Advanced students of 11th and 12th grades of Science faculty are given in-depth knowledge about plants, relevant to their academic syllables, by PhD experts of the subject.
We visited 13 schools and explained them about Nature Education Program. We also informed them about the ongoing book fair “Pitara”. Jeevantirth is going to launch ‘Pitara’, the new initiative of Exhibition with sale of children’s book of famous publishers.


Ms. Maneka Gandhi, Honorable Minister of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India visited our stall at IIM, Ahmedabad.

Bakery Project
So far we have managed to run the bakery and not made any loss. We have managed the salaries of the 5 SHG members who works in the bakery, raw materials, electricity etc. has been managed from the sale of the products. Approximate sale is Rs. 45,000 per month and the expenses is around Rs. 35,000/- per month. The balance amount has been kept for repairs and maintenance of the machines. Ms. Maneka Gandhi, Honorable Minister of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India visited our stall at IIM, Ahmedabad and purchased our various value added biscuits. NABARD is very happy with the progress made so far and because of that they are calling us to participate in the big ‘mela’ organized at Mumbai in January 2017.

Jeevantirth team with “Aadi Aushadhi” members participated in National campaign on Medicinal Plants held at SIAM, Jaipur during August 20-21 in which about 550 farmers and 100 resource persons from 23 States of India participated. The Rajasthan Agri Minister Mr. Saini spent almost 15 minutes at our stole and discussed about 10 minutes with Himatbhai regarding certification issues.

Rajasthan Agri. Minister Mr. Saini at AAG stall.

Rajasthan Agri. Minister Mr. Saini at AAG stall.

AAG stall in Agri-Asia 2016.

AAG stall in Agri-Asia 2016.

Vidhyadeep Community College is an education center in Bharuch, Gujarat. The College has a decent infrastructure, staff and its one of the leading education center in India. It provides good education and nurtures young minds to take challenges in academia to pursuit research and education.
On July 12th 2016 we have conducted training on Agriculture farming, herbal garden, and tree plantation including horticulture crops.


Destribution of Tulsi Plants to MPDB beneficiaries

Destribution of Tulsi Plants to MPDB beneficiaries



Eye checkup camp for MPDB beneficiaries.

We welcome any feedback or suggestions for the quarterly newsletter. We thank all our donors and well-wishers for their valuable contribution.

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