Pedal Rickshaw Distribution Under Svarojgar Sahaay Yojna

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Pedal Rickshaw Distribution Under Svarojgar Sahaay Yojna

Pedal Rickshaw distribution as per Svarojgar Sahaay Yojna

Many families in slums like Ramapir no Tekro go through hardships because of financial instability. To battle this via education, vocational training and awareness, Jeevantirth has been active since many years.

Last year we initiated another program under Lok Seva Kendra with the name of Svarojgar Sahaay Yojna in order to facilitate self-employment of slum dwellers. As per this program on 12th October, 2016, Jagmalbhai Vadhiyari was provided with a pedal rickshaw with the help of Give Forever (NGO). Father of two, Jagmalbhai supports the family by selling seasonal vegetables on his rickshaw. Hitherto he rented pendal rickshaw on daily basis and had to pay about 700 rupees per month, which is a significant amount for the family. Such money could prove useful to obtain medicines for his mother who suffers from endometrial cancer. His wife supports the family by selling toys as a street vendor.

Rental rickshaws are old and less efficient. Moreover on certain days, when all the rickshaws are rented out or when he didn’t have the rent money, Jagmalbhai had to stay home without work. Like most families in Ramapir no Tekro, this family also depends on daily bread through daily wages. A day without work could mean a day without food! Owning a pedal rickshaw has freed the family from such fears and has brought consistency in earnings.

We plan to expand this program by reaching out to more individuals who are in need of help.

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