Turning Point


Jeevantirth volunteers Mary, Harsha, Laxmi and Renuka helped and learnt a lot in the Turning Point program carried out by Dr. Sitaram and Sandhyaben of Zeal Education Consultants Pvt. Ltd. under CSR initiative of  Zydex Industries, Vadodara. The CEO, Zydex Industries, has high hopes on teachers and believes that it is they who would ultimately make the workshop successful by reaching out to thousands of children in due course of time. On the first day, total 12 models had been made; 3 by each group individually. To get an understanding of what others had in store, one representative from each of the teams came on the dais and explained how they made their respective models with the raw materials provided. Then Dr. Sitaram explained the science behind it and how it will add value to the process of learning. All that were demonstrated are simple experiments done with easily available materials but designed in a manner which would ignite the thinking abilities of the students. Each of the participants practically did the experiments with great joy and interests, and learned the science behind it.