Maitri Abhiyan

A Forum of ‘Youth for Peace and Development’


On the midnight of 31st December 1984 few youth activists assembled at Laldarwaja to welcome the year 1985 which was declared as “International Youth Year” by the United Nations. They formed YEG – Young Experimenter’s Group to promote and support aspirations and experiments of promising youths. PRAYOG was another experiment of one young couple – associated with YEG – who left their professional carrier for social cause. Their vision was to initiate the process of ‘Youth Movement in Gujarat for Friendship and Development’. Many youths have come forward due to this effort and they are active in social fields in various ways. We were instrumental in such process.

In recent years, with the spread of cult of violence and politics of hatred, the social fabric is broken. People have lost faith in governance and conflict resolution by peaceful means. Communal carnage of Gujarat has forced us to be active once again to initiate the process of forming a forum of ‘Youth for Peace and Development’. We call it MAITRI SANGH – a forum of friendship.


To motivate and inspire youths to work for Peace and Development.

To form a dedicated and committed group of youth called ‘MAITRI SANGH’ for the above mentioned cause.


To form a strong group of about 1000 youths in coming three years dedicated to the cause of Nation Building in Gujarat.


Our role will be to sell the idea, to facilitate the process, to motivate and inspire the youths to be concerned/enlightened citizens of India.


About 1000 youths will be enrolled as a member of Maitri Sangh who will take the pledge to –

Give “DESH KE LIYA EAK GHANTA” An Hour a Day, and “ONE PERCENT OF THEIR INCOME or RUPEE A DAY” – if they are earning members of society – for peace and development.

Small local units of the Maitri Sangh will be formed to guide and coordinate their initiatives.

Various training workshops and proggramme will be designed based on their local needs and demands.

Initially during the first year 10 groups of 25 youths will be formed in urban context.

Present proposal is for this pilot phase.