Niraant Vrudhdh Mandal  & Matru Pitru Devo Bhava

Respect your elders and learn from them.
Because in no time you will find that you too have aged!

We carry out these activities to help the senior citizens live a healthy mental life; to procure a respectful position in their family, to make use of their time in creative activities and to fulfill their basic necessities satisfactorily. They are also taken to various social and religious pilgrimages. They avail benefit of weekly gatherings, nutritional food and health checkups along with being a part of various programs executed by Jeevantirth.

For individuals who have spent all their lives laboring for survival, being inactive becomes a rarity. However with age the body meets inevitable diseases which mostly lead to a diseased mind, bringing inactivity with it. Aged folks residing at Ramapir no Tekro fall under this category. Having labored for years, now retired, they have comparatively no activity. With access time on hand these aged individuals find it hard to rest their minds. Moreover, ageds are often seen as a liability in this culture; this naturally results into dissatisfaction and conflicts. It was seen that if provided a place, these elderly men would together seek solace in contemplation of more fundamental questions about life, like spirituality.

This need resulted into Niraant Vrudhdh Mandal: a group of about 150 elderly men at RamaPirNo Tekro and GaneshNagar, all above the age of 65. Every Saturday they get together for 2 hours and create a dynamic environment enriched by bhajans, stories, songs and Satsang. Several aspects of the elderly are addressed during these meetings to enhance their lives. We often invite experts to discuss relevant issues like food, lifestyle, health, right behavior, righteous living, etc. These meetings have created a sense of tolerance in the members, therefore generating a more positive space at their homes. NVM is a platform for them to share their thoughts, ideas and issues; here they find self-satisfaction and peace. After the meetings they are provided with nutritional food that consists of pulses, fruits, milk and cookies, traditional dishes like shiro, etc. We plan a pilgrimage for NVM members each year; having been confined to their communities all their lives these tours introduce them to unknown inner dimensions. It is a custom in Indian tradition that a son takes his parents to religious pilgrimages. Many of our NVM members are without sons; therefore these trips invoke in them a great sense of gratitude. Tiffin arrangements are made for ageds who stay alone or monthly ration is provided to those who can cook. Seasonal as well as personal requirements like clothes, blankets, slippers, walking sticks, wheelchairs, etc. are made available. The motive behind all such activities is to channel their dormant energies towards productive thinking, helping create a healthy mind.

Every 6 months Jeevantirth arranges for a health checkup camp wherein the elderly are provided with free medical care and pharmaceutical support. Health problems found in them as a result of old age, like cataracts, are dealt with through operation done free of charge. They bless NVM and Jeevantirth for providing them with a family outside their homes.

Such activities are going in the remote 20 villages of Dediapada covering 500 elders with the initial support of “Arpan Foundation USA” and now Ms. Umaji Agrawal from Vadodara is providing dry ration for all 500 elders four times a month.  We have also filled forms for “Elders’ Pension Scheme” and regular health check-ups and eye operations are being carried out with other organization working in health sector.

How can the reader help?

Having experienced a long life before them, elders appreciate the genuine gift of compassion and time. You are invited to spend a Saturday with NVM at Jeevantirth headquarters. People wishing to aid us financially can provide for post-meeting nutritional food, groceries, elderly’s requirements, etc. as per one’s convenience.