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Jeevantirth literally means “Life Pilgrimage”. Reverence for life is the foundation stone of Jeevantirth Trust. Logo of Jeevantirth suggests that we want world without war. By breaking war based economy and creating a non-exploitative world with Equality and Justice we can bring Harmony and lasting Peace. Whatever we do and whenever we evaluate the work of Jeevantirth, we always keep in our mind our motto – To be full of Joy, Love and Understanding and to spread them.

Trustees and workers of Jeevantirth consider themselves as “Lifelong learners”, believing in – Education through life and education throughout life. They also consider Jeevantirth as a school for life lovers, “Jeevan Premio Ni Shala”.

Jeevantirth is established on 14th July 1997 by Raju and Deepti, a couple who became active in social life since “Movement for Total Revolution” initiated by Loknayak Jayprakesh Narayan, renowned Gandhian in 1973-74. After completing their studies in Engineering and Commerce, Raju worked as a lecturer and Deepti in Bank for several years. Both left their lucrative careers in 1985 and decided to devote their life in work for the vulnerable sections of the society, especially children, women and youth based on Gandhian Ideologies.

Jeevantirth is mainly working in the fields of Education, Environment, Rural Development and Human Rights related issues. Along with direct implementation of the innovative cost effective projects, Jeevantirth has specialized itself in capacity building of the grass-root organizations, teacher’s training and material development.

We believe in “Think Globally, Act Locally.” And that’s why we also align our work with Sustainable Development Goals.