Navratri – 2016

//Navratri – 2016

Navratri – 2016

As it is almost everywhere in Gujarat, at Jeevantirth too, the kids and folks waited eagerly for Navratri. The nine consecutive nights of celebration that worship nine forms of Shakti, chiefly Durga. Even though the rain drained a few nights of the festival, it couldn’t splash away the fun we had planned for our kids.

On 30th September, the day preceding Navratri, more than 500 children from Jeevantirth danced along with about 2000 children, including physically and visually disabled. This venture was set up by Sashi Kunj Dance Academy; it was an event that incited the spirit of dance to break free of its boundaries of physical dimension.

A week later, on 8th October our kids were taken to an event planned by Hetu Setu Organization, a night of dance for children belonging to economically backwards communities, for further amusement. More than 200 children participated from Jeevantirth; 5 other NGOs energized the celebration with their crowd of lively kids. The energy was off the roof while Arvind Vegda, singer of the famous ‘Bhala Mori Rama’ performed for the children. Each child was presented with a gift that would help him/her with his/her academic progress.

Navratri or not, our children have always shown unchanged involvement and dedication to any task at hand. We sincerely hope that Navratri this year has brought you its innate gifts: destruction of the ten defilements of the mind – lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, fear, jealousy, inertia, hate and guilt; each signified by the ten days of the festival.

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Ruchir Purohit is a head writer at Jeevantirth. He is also the Coordinator of Material Development in the organization. He manages outreach, publication, online and social media wings of Jeevantirth.

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