Many have fallen victims to chikungunya this winter in Ahmedabad. With thousands of cases reported, it has proven to be an epidemic. Fortunately because of available antidotes the disease doesn’t prove to be as fatal as before. However it renders one totally immobile, stuck to one’s bed. The need to spread awareness about the disease and its precautions and cures was evident.

On 8th January, 2017, with the help of Lions Club, Ahmedabad, Jeevantirth held a medical camp at VTC. It included eye checkup, spectacles distribution, and physiotherapy and chikungunya medicine distribution. More than 800 beneficiaries took advantage of the camp. About 200 cases of chikungunya were reported from Ramapir no Tekro! Apart from that about 50 folks were diagnosed with cataracts and were advised cataracts operation. The deputy mayor of Ahmedabad, Pramodben Sutariya, attended the event as special guest. She too took advantage of this opportunity and had her eyes checked. We had prepared a medicine kit for chikungunya that included medicines for 15 days along with a herbal concoction. All the treatment, operations and medicines were provided free of charge. Jeevantirth plans such medical camps every six months.