It is a fact that slum children are most prone to malnutrition; this becomes evident by everyday observation. Illiteracy is another disease that boosts malnutrition.

To address this issue 200 students from IIT Baroda organized an awareness rally on 31st January 2016. Holding placards and banners, 200 youth walked from Gandhi Ashram to Ramapir no Tekro and into the narrow lanes of Ramapir no Tekro. This raised the curiosity of the slum dwellers; consequently a medical camp was setup at VTC.

2 doctors practicing at the civil hospital of Ahmedabad volunteered to perform the checkups. More than a 100 children went through health checkups and were provided with necessary vitamins and nutritional tablets.

Kuposhan Malnutrition Rally (1) Kuposhan Malnutrition Rally (2) Kuposhan Malnutrition Rally (4)