Reaching to the flood affected villages of Banaskantha, Gujarat.

28th & 29th July, 2017

The recent flood in Gujarat washed away everything leaving the people in a state of extreme poverty. Help poured in from all corners of the state. Community leaders of RamapirNo Tekro also realised the heartfelt situation of the people in Banaskantha, the most affected district, and began collecting essential commodities from the neighbourhood. Jeevantirth, an established organisationĀ in the area, would not hold back from reaching out to these affected villages where our School on Wheels had been running since last 4 years and thus, joined this noble initiative. Within no time, 500 Grocery Kit, 4,500 food package, 3,000 packets of biscuits and snacks, and hundreds of clothes were collected. In total 3 mini trucks were called for to transport the same. Special mention may be made of Giants International who always came forward in need.

On early morning of 28th July, Kamlesh Bhai, Coordinator (Urban Initiative), and Mukesh Bhai, Public Relation Officer, with a team of 30 headed to Banaskantha. To ensure fair distribution of commodities among the needy, firstly, the team surveyed the villages and then, held meetings with the Sarpanch and community. Affected people were identified and given the kit which contained rice, wheat, pulses, and cereals besides food package. Altogether 8 villages had been covered in 2 days. We made a small effort on our part to meet the immediate necessities of the people which would sustain them for a week. However, as more individuals and groups would join the relief operation, situation will gradually improve.