Eye Checkup Camp – 2016

Eye Checkup Camp – 2016

In today’s age even well-off folks find it hard to meet the costs incurred by diseases and physical impairments. How then does a community of the lowest paid people, making 70 to 80 rupees daily, strive against these inevitabilities? While we moan over diseases and accidents that visit us for a short span, permanent conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness or dental problems aren’t worthy of such attention. But do these deprived communities have enough to survive with conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or dental problems?

In regard to this, Jeevantirth along with Lions Club of Ahmedabad held a Health Checkup Camp on 28th February, 2016, Sunday, at Jeevantirth Lok Seva Kendra. More than 800 people from Ramair no Tekro and surrounding areas took benefit of the camp, consequently over 350 people were provided with spectacles at a lowly price of 30 rupees. Children, youth as well as senior citizens benefited from it. Eye, dental and physiotherapy checkup were done by the doctors on board. This was one of the biyearly health camps that take place at Jeevantirth.

Jeevantirth Lions Club Eye Camp 2016 (1) Jeevantirth Lions Club Eye Camp 2016 (3) Jeevantirth Lions Club Eye Camp 2016 (4)

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