Conservation of natural bounty has been one of the major concerns of Jeevantirth, we have been actively involved in spreading awareness about it since our initiation. The average urban citizen is extremely ignorant about nature and its direct/indirect relationship with human beings. In order to cultivate mindfulness about this relationship we have been working with Serenity Library and Botanical Garden for 5 years now. Our team goes from school to school enlightening their staffs about the need for Nature Education Program for the overall development of a child. 8,000 to 10,000 children visit Serenity Library and Botanical Garden through Jeevantirth yearly where they are elucidated about nature through firsthand experience. Their experiences with quietude and the fascinating ways of nature keeps bringing them back to the garden.

This year our celebration of World Environment Day was stretched for a week from 5th June to 13th June, 2017. 40 to 50 children visited Serenity Library and Botanical Garden daily wherein they enjoyed a day full of activities entailed in Nature Education Program. More than 300 children belonging to two organizations, namely, Jeevantirth and Anusandhan visited during the week. Until last year we planned half-day visit but this year the children stayed for the whole day; this allowed us to increase the number of activities we could do.

The children began their day with bird-watching during which they maintained pin drop silence, letting the birds be at ease in their surroundings. They were informed about the to-dos of bird-watching like observing the flight, bill, color, tail, sound, etc. of a bird before noting its name down. Sighting wild birds like magpie robin, little grib, crow pheasant, sunbird, black-winged stilt, etc. had them fascinated. They also reveled in nature trail in which they identified various plants and trees through their touch and visual appearances. Lifecycle of a butterfly was also elucidated to the children in butterfly garden of Serenity Library and Botanical Garden which houses more than 70 species of butterflies. Moreover they also watched documentaries and crafted origami animals out of paper.

The children were amazed with their findings at Serenity; it also gave us an idea of the understanding these children have about nature. It was a successful transition filled with fun activities like games and songs.