Christmas Celebration, 2016

Christmas Celebration, 2016

Even though most of the children connected with Jeevantirth are non-Christians, they eagerly wait for Christmas every year. This is because Christmas is one of Jeevantirth’s annual maha-programs. This year’s program, held at Baba Saheb Ambedkar open air theatre in Ranip, needed a month long planning. It was a month of celebration and oneness in itself. Teachers, baal mitras, children, trustees and members of affiliated organizations, all joined in during this month to plan the event.

On Christmas day, 25th December, 2016, the open air theatre was leaden with dynamism. So many folks turned up for the event that even the staircases were jam-packed; their loud, synced, applause in response to the acts gave an effect of a unified spectator. Members of supporting organizations, namely, Wake Up to Dream, Anusandhan, Dhingli Ghar, Ficci Flow and Give Forever participated in this celebration. More than 1200 children were present from neighborhoods that Jeevantirth has its intervention in, namely, Ramapir no Tekro, Balol nagar, Ganesh nagar, Akhbar nagar, Rabari Vasahat, Jahuma ni Chali and Acher – Sabarmati. Also, about 500 ladies of Self Help Groups attended the occasion along with members of Nirant Vrudhdh Mandal and parents of the kids thereof.

Mr. Nirav from ‘Wake Up To Dream’ took control of the crowd in his usual frolicking manner, making them sway up and down, left and right. Yet he made his pointing of following one’s desired ambitions, despite the hurdles, crystal clear; this he did by presenting 3 success stories, the protagonists of which were present there to tell their tales themselves. All of whom had begun their stories from slums and is now doing well, socially as well as economically. The party took on a more electrifying pace as children from all the said areas performed their acts like dances, garba, action songs dedicated to Christmas, patriotic songs and qawallis. As the children danced to the songs of their favorite actors, the crowd lauded them with deafening cries, which boosted their performances. It could be clearly seen that the performers were living the moment just as their well-praised favorite actors. Great pain was taken by Maitreybhai of Dhingli Ghar to bring best talent of these slum children. Encores were requested for “Once More” many of the performances but the lack of time didn’t allow it. This, however, couldn’t impede on the encore of ‘Dhinka Chika’, the impromptu performance given by our Bal Mitras. Spontaneity engulfed the trustees, the staff, the volunteers, the performing children and even the spectator children. The fun-filled beats took control of them like a puppeteer and in no time the stage was filled with dozens of individuals swaying to the music. Santa too stepped into this elated celebration, adding desi-ness to Christmas with his desi moves.

Energy supplementation was in order for the spectators after such a display of vigor, let alone the performers! Consequently all the 1200 children present in the theater were provided with nutritious snacks and health kit containing Nail Cutter, Tooth Paste, Brush and Tongue Cleaner in eco-friendly paper-beg.

The celebration clearly distinguished itself as celebration of the year, as maha-celebration. We hope this Christmas presents you with clarity, meaning, warmth of home, the love of family and the company of good friends! We invite you to join in our celebrations and share your joy with us all year round.

About the Author:

Ruchir Purohit is a head writer at Jeevantirth. He is also the Coordinator of Material Development in the organization. He manages outreach, publication, online and social media wings of Jeevantirth.

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