Christmas Celebration – 2015

Christmas Celebration – 2015

This Christmas on 25th December, Jeevantirth (NGO) brought celebrations to the unprivileged children by organizing a program that entailed cultural awareness, various dance forms, songs and plays. Held in the Baba Saheb Amdebkar Open Air Theatre, Ranip, the children cheered loudest at the arrival of dear Santa Claus. Kids from slums of Ramapir no tekro, Ganesh nagar, Balol nagar, Akhbar nagar, Sabarmati and various other backward communities that Jeevantirth works with participated in the event.

Parents and folks who are involved with Jeevantirth through programs like Women Self-Help Groups (Women Empowerment), Nirant Vrudh Mandal, Vocational Training, etc. built up the crowd. Various influential personalities were present at the gathering; Ruzan Khambhata (CEO of Rasna Group), Nitin Mekwan, Mahendrabhai Patel and D. S. Patel from Giants Group Ahmedabad Main, P. K. Mota (the newly elected chief of Giants International 3B), Nikhil Patel (Sarthi Gas Agency) and many others lauded the children. Kamleshbhai Dabhani, Mukeshbhai Chaudhary along with the baalmitras (teachers of the kids’ present) were present from Jeevantirth who prepared the children for the function and also surveyed the whole event.

Two little children clad in traditional Gujarati attire introduced the shows while they performed their bits that involved expounding on Christmas, Baba Saheb Ambedkar, ill effects of intoxicants, education, cleanliness, etc. More than a hundred children performed livening up the stage and an audience of more than 1500. As most of the people partly knew each other it was like a huge family gathering wherein one of the teachers performed a dance with the children. Children brim with talent regardless of their backgrounds, the kids truly reveled in the celebration.

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Ruchir Purohit is a head writer at Jeevantirth. He is also the Coordinator of Material Development in the organization. He manages outreach, publication, online and social media wings of Jeevantirth.

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