The whole world revels in festivities during the month of December. With a desire to share their happiness where it is most needed, 35 of our children decided to visit Vatsalya Vrudhdh Ashram at Vadaj on 5th January, 2017, and spend their day with the aged.

These children were well prepared with dances and song performances, for they had been practicing for more than a month for Christmas celebration that took place on 25th December. They were more than excited to display their performances for the second time, in front of a different crowd. More than 40 senior citizens sat in a large circle, creating a stage area for the kids to perform. For more than two hours the children entertained them with their acts.

Later they shared stories and also played Garba together. This meeting showed the children a face of life that they didn’t known about: being away from the family in old age.