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15 05, 2017

School On Wheel at Vada – 2017

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Going to a number of villages with a motive to spread education and joy is a ritual we carry out every year. Like last year, this year too, we went to Vada gaam and its nearby villages for a period of one week from 6th May to 12th May, 2017. Our specially modified vehicle ‘School [...]

27 12, 2016

Christmas Celebration, 2016

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Even though most of the children connected with Jeevantirth are non-Christians, they eagerly wait for Christmas every year. This is because Christmas is one of Jeevantirth’s annual maha-programs. This year’s program, held at Baba Saheb Ambedkar open air theatre in Ranip, needed a month long planning. It was a month of celebration and oneness in [...]

30 10, 2016

Diwali at Jeevantirth – 2016

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Diwali is the most awaited festival in India; it is waited for by elders, men, women, youth and children alike. It bathes and renews the whole society through its ways of reaching the deepest facets of our lives. The entire country takes on a festive mood and village homes await their owners. It is a [...]

9 07, 2016

Michigan University’s Global Scholars at Jeevantirth – 2016

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Backgound: Despite many organizations being run for the sole purpose of the betterment of marginalized communities right in our own city, most of the people are unaware of the situations and difficulties the minorities endure. Even though literature is being distributed to spread awareness it doesn’t really ignite the spark in the general public to work for a change. It is the firsthand experience of their hard living situations that makes one think and act in that direction. The largest slum of Ahmedabad, Ramapir no Tekro, houses more than 7000 females who wipe the city clean every night, walking kilometers on end, picking up the filth strewn across Ahmedabad. If it was not for these ladies, Ahmedabad would have been a pile of garbage within weeks and the municipality would have had a hard time. For such a noble cause these women are being paid less than laborers, their children struggle with finding education, and health and hygiene are a second priority as struggling for survival takes up their days! There is much more that needs to be told about them. To experience this firsthand, 10 students from University of Michigan used ten days of their summer holidays going to the slums of Ahmedabad and listening to what the people had to say. […]

16 10, 2013

Sangharsh and Sarjan Yatra

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28th Sep. was the day when we with a group of 40 youth headed towards the holy river Narmada. The trip was undertaken with an intention to see & observe two most important stages of evolution or revolution. We called this trip “Sangharsh & Sarjan Yatra.” Sangarsh/struggle is a stage where a person or a group is in conflict with a person or a situation but the reason for the conflict is development. Similarly sarjan/creation is a process of adding values to the correct situation or resource that prevails. Development is the sole focus in it. To understand a condition of struggle for societal development, ee visited Indravarna on 28th to understand & observe an ongoing movement against hysteric urbanization being undertaken on the name of development. KADA, Kevadia Area Development Authority has planned an amusement colony on the banks of Narmada by relocating the tribal citizens once again making them loose their land, occupation, security & above all their independence. We inspired by an activist Shri Lakhanbhai also wished to do our part by distributing various leaflets & making the tribal citizens aware of the upcoming hazard to their existence. […]

3 10, 2013

Joy of Giving Week

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Giving is a noble act for all the citizens living on the globe, but for Indians, it is more then a tradition. We have a habit of taking out part for cows & dogs before we take our own meal. We welcome our guests as Gods & we make sure they do not go empty stomach & empty hearted from our home. Good news is that every years since 2009, starting from Gandhiji’s birthday, a Joy of Giving Week is celebrated nationally wherein many institutions, NGOs & individuals try to reach the unreached by contributing anything they have like time, expertise, cash or kind as per their likings. The quantity does not matter, what matters is that it reaches to those who need it. Be it a smile to a sad face or a meal in its suitable space. Jeevantirth welcomes you to participate in this Joy of Giving Week this year; lets not wait for a year ending or an occasion to contribute. The occasion has arrived at doorstep for you to be instrumental of Giving a Joy in this Joy of Giving Week. […]

19 08, 2013

Bhaibandh Shala Worshop – 2013

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A unique “Friendship workshop” known as “Bhaibandh Shala” was organized by Jeevantirth with the support of Samvedna Trust on 17th & 18th August at it’s Koba center. Uniqueness of this workshop was that half of the participants were underprivileged youth from Ramapir Tekro, the largest slum of Gujarat, & remaining half were post graduate student of Gujarat Vidyapith pursuing their MSW. […]

7 08, 2013

Birdfeeder Production

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Ruchir, Dhaivat Shah and Jeevantirth team prepared 60 ‘birdfeeders’ for Care4Nature group. These birdfeeders were distributed to the participants of the photography workshop conducted by 50mm Media Productions and C4N. Jeevantirh is planning to make more birdfeeders to raise awareness about the love for nature. […]

16 07, 2013

Jeevantirth Annual Function – 2013

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Jeevantirth completed 16th year of its existence and the team celebrated the day on 14th July at Sundan farm in the presence of Fr Rappai, Ex. Sarpanch of Sundan Shri Devubhai and other well-whishers. Jeevantirth launched its monthly newsletter on the same day and a ‘Friends of Jeevantirth’ membership drive was also initiated. […]

24 03, 2013

Free Mega Medical Camp at RamaPirNo Tekro, Vadaj

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With the support from Shreemati Yashashywati Lakshmikantbhai Trust; Samvedna Trust, Ahmadavad Medical Association and JEEVANTIRTH organized Free Medical Camp at Vocational Training Centre – Vadaj on Sunday, March 24, 2013. More then 1250 patients of various diseases and ailments were greatly benefitted. About 600 pairs of Spectacles were given at Rs. 20/- only during the camp. Dedicated team of expert doctors not only diagnosed the patients but free medicines of high value were also given during the camp on the spot. The registration of about 500 patients was done in advance and patients started flowing from 8.00 A.M. Excellent arrangements were done by Kamleshbhai and his team of volunteers – local youths of RamaPirNo Tekro. […]