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21 05, 2017

SHG Wheat Distribution – 2017

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Women of Self Help Groups were eagerly waiting for the 19th and 20th of May as these dates were scheduled for wheat distribution. At an average 25 kilograms of wheat costs 2000 rupees in the market, an ordinary family stocks up about 250 to 300 kilograms of wheat for yearly consumption. It is an impossible [...]

11 12, 2016

Aapni Dukaan Inauguration

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One of our chief concerns during initiation of Jeevantirth was to make the women of Ramapir No Tekro self-dependent, to free them from the vicious cycle of rag-picking. In order to do this we began Self Help Groups in 2011. We began with 100 members and 1 SHG; this number increased to 700 members in [...]

26 10, 2016

Sheri Safaai Abhiyan – 2016

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Sheri Safaai Abhiyan (26/10/2016) Diwali is a time for rejuvenation for all Indians. Homes and businesses are renewed during this period. Businesses are kept shut and reopened on Labh Pancham, an auspicious day to commence business. Children, youth and men are busy helping their mothers, sisters and wives to clean the whole house. It is [...]

26 12, 2015

Christmas Celebration – 2015

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This Christmas on 25th December, Jeevantirth (NGO) brought celebrations to the unprivileged children by organizing a program that entailed cultural awareness, various dance forms, songs and plays. Held in the Baba Saheb Amdebkar Open Air Theatre, Ranip, the children cheered loudest at the arrival of dear Santa Claus. Kids from slums of Ramapir no tekro, [...]

11 10, 2015

Khusiyon Ki Home Delivery

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On 10th of December 2015 Jeevantirth carried out Khusiyon Ki Home Delivery project, wherein 45 women of Self Help Groups from Ramapir no Tekro were provided with gas connections and gas kits (gas cylinders, stoves and insurance). More women will be covered under this project in future. The event was further highlighted by the presence [...]