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9 01, 2017

Medical Camp with Lions Club – January 2017

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Many have fallen victims to chikungunya this winter in Ahmedabad. With thousands of cases reported, it has proven to be an epidemic. Fortunately because of available antidotes the disease doesn’t prove to be as fatal as before. However it renders one totally immobile, stuck to one’s bed. The need to spread awareness about the disease [...]

30 03, 2016

Teerth Yatra – 2016

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Indian tradition, in all cultures, has given immense importance to religious pilgrimages. It is believed that after one has finished his worldly duties and is in one’s last years, s/he should make pilgrimages to religious places in order to attain to heaven, the abode of God. Usually it is the sons that take their parents [...]

29 02, 2016

Eye Checkup Camp – 2016

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In today’s age even well-off folks find it hard to meet the costs incurred by diseases and physical impairments. How then does a community of the lowest paid people, making 70 to 80 rupees daily, strive against these inevitabilities? While we moan over diseases and accidents that visit us for a short span, permanent conditions [...]

24 03, 2013

Free Mega Medical Camp at RamaPirNo Tekro, Vadaj

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With the support from Shreemati Yashashywati Lakshmikantbhai Trust; Samvedna Trust, Ahmadavad Medical Association and JEEVANTIRTH organized Free Medical Camp at Vocational Training Centre – Vadaj on Sunday, March 24, 2013. More then 1250 patients of various diseases and ailments were greatly benefitted. About 600 pairs of Spectacles were given at Rs. 20/- only during the [...]