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30 04, 2017

Drawing Competition – 2017

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50 children partook in a drawing competition that was held on Jeevantirth’s VTC on 28th April, 2017. One of the members of Give Forever wished to spend his birthday with children in a joyful manner. It was due to this reason that the occasion was organized. The children were provided with paint, paper, paint brushes, [...]

20 04, 2017

BSK Children Ride Vintage Cars

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Mr. Nirav Shah from Wake Up To Dream is actively involved with us. He makes sure that the children of Jeevantirth are reminded time and again of the fun that life is. Always he talks about the significance of fostering the uniqueness within each individual rather than curbing one’s aspirations. The joy of realising one’s [...]

10 03, 2017

Women’s Day – 2017

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8th March is celebrated as Women’s Day around the globe. It is a memorial of women power, a sign of acknowledgment and support for women empowerment. Almost all the cultures so far have been patriarchal, as a result of which women have not been given equal importance in various facets that build a society. However [...]

15 02, 2017

Sangeet Sandhya

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Illiteracy deals a severe blow to the society and also to the nation. It is essential that the more privileged and influential people of the society take part in uprooting such a problem. Awareness about Jeevantirth’s interventions has been spreading slowly, year after year, through which we have established affiliations with organizations and individuals that [...]

8 01, 2017

Pitara Book Fair – January 2017

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Pitara Book Fair A three-day book fair organized on 5th, 6th and 7th January, 2017. Working in education sector has given us the opportunity to work very closely with children of different age groups. The understanding gained through these experiences is used in creating relevant and effectual Teaching and Learning Material from time to time. [...]

6 01, 2017

Children Visit to Vatsalya Vrudhdh Ashram

By |2017-01-20T11:04:52+00:00January 6th, 2017|Bal Sanskar Kendra, Blog Post, Girl-child Education, Lok Seva Kendra|0 Comments

The whole world revels in festivities during the month of December. With a desire to share their happiness where it is most needed, 35 of our children decided to visit Vatsalya Vrudhdh Ashram at Vadaj on 5th January, 2017, and spend their day with the aged. These children were well prepared with dances and song [...]

11 12, 2016

Aapni Dukaan Inauguration

By |2018-12-13T07:15:27+00:00December 11th, 2016|Blog Post, Self-help Groups|0 Comments

One of our chief concerns during initiation of Jeevantirth was to make the women of Ramapir No Tekro self-dependent, to free them from the vicious cycle of rag-picking. In order to do this we began Self Help Groups in 2011. We began with 100 members and 1 SHG; this number increased to 700 members in [...]

1 12, 2016

CSR Project with Gujarat Guardian Limited

By |2018-12-13T07:15:27+00:00December 1st, 2016|Blog Post, Girl-child Education Dediapada|0 Comments

Gujarat Guardian Limited is a member of a group of companies led by Guardian Industries Corp. (U.S.A), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of float and fabricated glass. The company has a strong emphasis on the pursuit of growth and excellence of its people, product and services. As an industry-leader Gujarat Guardian Limited has a [...]