Every Child is an Artist

Jeevantirth feel honoured to be one of the stakeholders of the program “Balakalakaar” organized every year by AIESEC for the underprivileged children of Ahmedabad city. On 15th September, 2017, 200 children from Bal Sanskar Kendras, Jeevantirth, participated in the day-long program which was at the Avalon Hotel, off SG Highway. The organizer had arranged from transportation to refreshments and all other requirements for the day. There were almost 500 children from different organizations like VSSM, Apang Manav Mandal, Samvedana School and Manav Sadhana. The day began with dancing to the tunes of some of the energetic rhythms of Bollywood along with the Smile agents. It was followed by individual and group performances by the children. As they came upon stage to perform, the hall applauded them with thunder of claps. It was really mesmerizing to witness such meticulous performances! Post-lunch, there was a drawing competition. There could not have better reward than providing scholarship for a year to the three winners from BSKs.. The children also enjoyed an animated film, “Oogy and Cockroach”. And finally when the versatile speaker, Nirav Bhai, entered, the children just could not stop cheering up! He introduced five achievers who not only overpowered their physical vulnerability but also economic difficulties of the family and made the point clear that “All can fly, all can achieve big with strong will-power and determination irrespective of any hardships.”