About Raju Deepti

Raju and Deepti became active in social life since “Moment of Total Revolution” initiated by Jayprakash Narayan in 1973. After completing their studies in Engineering and Commerce, Raju worked as a lecturer and Deepti in Bank for several years. Both left their lucrative careers in 1985 and decided to devote their life in work for the vulnerable sections of the society, especially rural children, women and youth based on Gandhian Ideologies.

Our Philosophical Base

The most precious thing we possess in our life is LIFE itself. Life is the supreme value. Today, our world requires Global Citizens believing and loving life in it fullest sense.

We humbly believe that we do not have any single wonderful solution of the problems faced by the humanity today. Nor we want to profess or propagate any religion, ideology or belief. We want human conscious to be free from all conditionings and human beings to live spontaneously true to their own inner being.

Our VMROSP is as under:

Our Vision

Nature’s Bounty + Human Wisdom = Paradise on Earth!
Life is perpetual YOGA. Every moment we have to make a CHOICE.

Our Mission

To make effort that every citizen of the future generation dares to THINK INDIPENDENTLY and LIVE THEIR CONVECTION; they become GLOBAL CITIZENS by letting go their narrow identities and barriers while nurturing their local culture and heritage. They become PHYSICALLY HEALTHY, MENTALLY WISE, HEARTILY LOVING and SPIRITUALLY SOUND.

To create a Learning Society.

Our Role

To facilitate lifelong learning.
To help people to help themselves.

Our Objectives

All problems of existence are essentially problem of Harmony.
Everything is related with everything in this world, our objective is to find correlation and establish harmony.
Our objective is to strive for establishing harmony within and without.

Our Strategy

To be full of Joy, Love and Understanding, so that we can inculcate these values in the next generation.
To work as a “Support Organization”, helping other NGOs and Individuals in realizing their own dreams.
To work in partnership with likeminded organizations.
Teacher’s Training. Training of Social Activists. Youth Training. Preparation of Educational Materials.

Our Programs

> Educational
> Environmental
> Rural Development
> Human Rights

Our Inspirations

We derive our inspiration from the life and messages of the two great personalities of the humankind, Albert Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi.

Albert Einstein, our inspiration.

“So long as ANY SINGLE CHILD is deprived on this earth; NO invention is great and No discovery is outstanding”.
– Albert Einstein




Mahatma Gandhi, our inspiration.“Oh master of humbleness… Give us blessing that we never become alienated from the people to whom we have to serve like a friend or a servant.”
– Gandhiji